Clutch Racing (Edition2) - Puch Maxi K

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New version with pressure plate and improved clutch shoes material.

A racing clutch for Puch Maxi Kickstarter models.

This racing clutch transforms engagement, allowing your machine to rev higher before engaging, resulting in less power loss and significantly improved acceleration. Notably, its larger friction surface on the pads ensures better grip upon full engagement.

Unlike standard clutches, this version lacks wearing mechanical parts, eliminating the need for replacements. The conical hub with a notch is compatible with various axles.

The clutch comes with a starter gear and nut, ready for swift installation.

Note: This clutch is not recommended for use with inner rotor ignitions, as they may shorten clutch pad lifespan due to the engine's rough cycle.

ManufacturerNC Motorparts
Suitable forPuch