Cylinder 41mm Racing - Sachs

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Introducing our first (and only) aluminum cylinder for Sachs Crescent with engine types 50/2, 50/3, and 50/4. With a bore of 41mm, this cylinder brings it up to around 60cc, offering a substantial increase from the original 50cc.

The cylinder package includes a complete 41mm racing piston with two piston rings and a 12mm piston pin, along with pin clips. Additionally, it contains a gasket set featuring a head gasket, an exhaust gasket and two base gaskets, providing you with the flexibility to adjust the cylinder height as needed.

The cylinder's performance ranges from approximately 6 to 8 horsepower, depending on your setup. We've achieved 7.3 horsepower with a 41mm racing cylinder head, 17mm carburetor, and a 32mm performance exhaust.

CategoryCylinder & Cylinder Head
ManufacturerNC Motorparts
Suitable forSachs