Sports Ignition Coil Bosch Type 2, NC

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Bevare of imitations! There are other cheap red coils on the marked, but this is only a standard coil in red plastic, the NC coil is the only one with high power, performance and durability!

Our own development and production of a high voltage sports igniton coil, for all the new Bosch type magneto ignitions.

Very strong spark at low rpm.

Strong thermos protection means coil will operate at extremely high temperatures.

Absolute best quality available!

The coil fits all new Bosch type magneto ignitions, and after marked types.

CategoryIgnition & Electronic Parts
ManufacturerNC Motorparts
Suitable forCasal, Crescent, Kreidler, KTM, Puch, Sachs, Tomos, Zündapp, Zweirad Union